About Us

Our Company was born in 2000 through the mergers of about 40 worldwide circulation businesses all over the world.
Today, it is a wholly-owned. Thanks to its visionary technique to the marketplace, together with the shared experience and business strengths of its constituent business, Our Company has actually ended up being the leading merchant paper in Europe. Through balanced Sales and Marketing, shared supply and logistics systems, a distinct brand name and positioning, a worldwide market method and substantial regional proficiency, Our Company today provides to its consumers the largest and most constant series of product or services. This remarkable position is the outcome of tactical actions taken control of the last 2 years.
Our Company has actually likewise obtained the iconic Data Copy brand name. The acquisition of this leading brand name strengthens Our Company' existence in the workplace market and allows the business to offer clients with a bigger workplace item deal with a broader option of top-level brand names with Xerox and Image.