Just Why Comedy Movies Are Missing

the Real Comic Effect?

Exactly what remains in the shop

The scenario does not look extremely appealing. Chennai Express is up for launch. For the very first time, SRK and Rohit Shetty have worked together for a movie. Let's wait and watch if this pairing can present quality comedy rather than mediocrity served on a platter. Though, customer ratings on the trailer of the movie show that people are delighted about this one. To clear a point, flying automobiles are not amusing. Another motion picture that comes out in 2013 is 'Himmatwala'. I hope the audience does not require 'himat' to see this movie. It ought to have some stimulated rather than just being a fizz.

Humor from Hollywood

Carrying on to Hollywood, it appears as if the raunchy is the in thing for the comedy offerings from this market. The nonsense factor has increased in these motion pictures. You would desire to enjoy them after a tiring day when you don't need to apply any sort of sense. This has interested lots of people. This appears with the success of 'Ted'. In its opening weekend, 'Ted' made a collection of $54,107,495! This undoubtedly is a huge number. The story revolves around a teddy bear that is quite sleazy. It was among the top funny movies of 2012. Another interesting element is that the film broke the record of the 2009 smash hit, 'The Hangover.'.

It seems as if raunchy was the flavor of funny motion pictures in 2012. The Dictator might probably take the crown of being one of the crudest funny movies of 2012. The film produced revenue worth $4.2 million from different markets and nearly $2 million was grossed from the United Kingdom. In the abroad market, the film has certainly opened per expectations.

People might pose an argument that obscene or not, the movie elicits laughter. The point is that the fine line between sleazy and amusing is diminishing. It is ending up being hard to compare funny and repulsive. The time of clean funnies is long gone. It is combined with another genre to highlight the appeal.

A tidy 2013?

The upcoming funny movies of 2013 appear to be far better than the ones coming from Hollywood. The much awaited follow up, 'Despicable Me 2' releases and it have undoubtedly delighted all animation film enthusiasts. The mix of funny and animation seems to be awesome. By the appearances of it, I think this is among the promising motion pictures of 2013. Smurfs 2 is another film that has a shot of being one of the greatest grossing movies of 2013.